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Star Wars Reads Day at the Library

starwarsactivityktis2The fourth annual Star Wars Reads Day will take place on Saturday, October 10, and libraries and bookstores around the country will be hosting activities to celebrate reading and Star Wars. If you are searching for fun (and free!) things to make this day an out-of-this-world event for your patrons, check out some of these ideas!

If you are hosting an event, check and see if there is a local 501st Legion. You can fill out a request to see if these awesome volunteers can come to your event dressed in their amazing armor. You can dress up yourself and have an area designated as the photograph area (if you have posters or a black or space backdrop that would be a plus). Encourage patrons to wear their costumes as well, and if time permits, you can have a costume contest.

There are so many activity and craft ideas available in print and online. If you can, obtain a copy of the book The Star Wars Craft Book by Bonnie starwarsactivitykitsBurton (ISBN 9780345511164). This book contains ideas for Star Wars puppets, holiday crafts, knitting projects, and much more. The internet is an invaluable resource for Star Wars activities, and Pinterest (of course!) also provides a multitude of incredible projects and crafts for all ages.

Some enjoyable activities that we have done at our library and that are easily available include:

  • Origami Yoda origami – instructions available inside the Origami Yoda books by Tom Angleberger or on the website at
  • Star Wars foldable character Cubeecrafts – available to print for free at
  • Lightsaber station – Lightsabers can be made with a variety of materials, including paper towel rolls, aluminum foil rolls, and receipt rolls found inside of book checkout machines along with colored paper and duct tape. You can easily design your own lightsaber handles in a word processor by making a large rectangle with small black square, circle and rectangle shapes to serve as buttons. Attach your self-made handles to a glow stick and voila – a lightsaber that glows!
  • Masks – A station where kids can make Stormtrooper or Darth Vader (or other character) masks. A search for Star Wars printable masks will bring a wide variety of results
  • Books – Events are a great time to pull out your Star Wars chapter books, LEGO books, graphic novels, and early readers for display and to increase book checkout. You can also include nonfiction books about space along with DVDs.
  • Giveaways – Have a table with donated books that can be given away or with free giveaways from the Star Wars Reads Day SWAG sheet. These giveaways differ from year to year and can be seen on the Star Wars Reads site, which also lists e-mails for companies such as DK and Disney LucasFilm that you can contact to request giveaways. Items in the past have included bookmarks, posters, buttons, and even chapter book excerpts.

starwarsglowstickIf you would still like to do something fun for young patrons but are not hosting an event, try putting Star Wars Reads Day activity kits together for children to pick up when they visit the library during the day (while supplies last). We put together kits that include the free Star Wars Reads Day printable activity kits found at along with any items from the giveaways that we are very lucky to get for free.

You can create lightsabers ahead of time and place them in the activity kits (we usually put all items in large Ziploc bags). If you are able to, you can make the glow stick lightsabers and include a small note letting children know how to activate the glow stick by bending it. They’ll be thrilled when their lightsaber lights up. You can also use the printed lightsaber handles on pencils (colorful or Star Wars-themed, if available) for a mini lightsaber pencil. Other items that can be included are stickers, temporary tattoos, and a printed list of Star Wars books found in your library – so patrons can come back and check out all your Star Wars books!

Have fun preparing for your Star Wars Reads Day event, and May The Books Be With You.starwarsgivaways

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