Published on March 27th, 2015 | by Marissa Lieberman

Special Guests for Your Library’s Anime and Comic Con, Part II

Tri-State Area (NY/NJ/PA) Edition, Part 2

Looking for some big names to add to your next library convention? Here are five personal recommendations for performers, cosplayers, voice actors and artists. Check out Part 1 of this post for five additional special guests.

501st cosplay

Name: 501st Legion: Vader’s Fist
Location: They have units based all over the world.  Visit their website to find the closest unit to your library.
Specialty: Star Wars cosplayers
Notes: Popular at libraries, schools, conventions, and fundraisers, 501st Legion characters will bring smiles to attendees of all ages. Cosplayers come in approved, movie quality costumes. Vader’s Fist, as the name suggest, includes characters from the Dark Side of the Force. We had them at our 2014 Summer Reading Kick-off, and they will be attending Tosho-con 2015.
Email: Current coordinator of the NorthEast Remnant is Terry Browning:


brittany lauda

Name: Brittany “Bree” Lauda
Location: NY
Specialty: Voice Actress
Notes: Brittany is becoming a familiar face at anime and comic conventions.  Notable credits include various characters for My Little Pony official games and apps, and the anime Queen’s Blade Rebellion. She is also the casting director for Ackk Studios’ newest RPG game, Y2K. Brittany offers an array of fun and unique programs. Check out her website for a full listing of program offerings and voice credits.


rainbow bubbles

Name: Hitomi Himekawa and the Rainbow Bubbles
Location: NY
Specialty: J-pop musical group
Notes: Hitomi and the Rainbow Bubbles attended Tosho-con 2012. Tosho-con was one of their first major performances, and since then they have gone on to perform annually at Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Sakura Matsuri, as well as many other major conventions in the tri-state area. The group mainly covers anime and Japanese pop songs, but also performs some original songs. With great vocals and energetic dance choreography, they will make a fun addition to any library con.



Name: Jeremy Selenfriend
Location: NJ
Specialty: Emmy nominated special effects make-up artist. Owner of Monster in My Closet studios.
Notes: Jeremy will be attending Tosho-con 2015. He will be doing a make-up demo and discussing what it is like to be a professional special effects make-up artist.  He has worked on major projects, such as Orange is the New Black, The Blacklist, Boardwalk Empire, and The Amazing Spider-Man 2. A special effects make-up artist can make a nice addition to any sized convention.


Name: Saber Guild
Location: Members are located throughout the country.
Specialty: Performance, cosplay
Notes: Sure to be a crowd-pleaser, Saber Guild, a not-for-profit organization, spreads their love of Star Wars with enthusiastic light saber performances.
Email: Requests for appearances can be done on their website.


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