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Review: Hinges Book 1, The Clockwork City

Review: Hinges Book 1, The Clockwork City Calliope Woods
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Hinges is a webcomic by Meredith McClaren, now being collected in print form by Image Comics.

The first volume follows the mostly-silent protagonist Orio and her companion Bauble as they make their way through the world.Hinges

And what a world it is. Orio is a porcelain doll, and she interacts with other dolls and puppets (or, mostly, is shuffled around by them) as she goes through her first day in the world. All the while the impish Bauble runs amok and causes trouble for her and the others of the city’s inhabitants as she is led around attempting to find her place in the city.

It’s found out that she is a gifted mender, a doll with the ability to sew and repair other dolls and Odds, the name for the stuffed animal companions all of them have. The only problem is that being a mender wasn’t on her approved list of jobs, so where shall she fit in?

A wonderful quick read, Hinges is a beautiful comic with a great concept. It would not be that great for comic first-timers, as Orio’s silence requires you to “read” the images more than would usually be expected in a comic, and I found myself needing to go back and look through the images a little slower than I was apt to initially as I read it. Teens who already love comics would get a lot out of this, though, especially since once they’re hooked by the book you can let it drop that they can get on the internet and read the rest for free there.

Hinges came out March 10, and is available for purchase at the artist’s store and Amazon. You can read it for free at

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