Published on February 15th, 2016 | by Heather Botelho

Random Fandom Program: Star Wars

As I’m sure most of you are aware, a program that you think will be wildly successful completely bombs. That is what happened at my Random Fandom program for Star Wars. My Teen Advisory Group chose the fandom and planned it all. I marketed it just as I had every other Random Fandom program, and… I had three people, two of whom knew nothing about Star Wars but came anyways because they said Random Fandom is always fun. (I have to admit, that made me feel tons better.)

While I heard all week from my teens the reasons they couldn’t be there, the three that did attend had fun, even though I had to modify most of the activities for a smaller group. Hopefully, some or all of these will work for you.

Get a Jedi Name

There are Jedi name generators online, but if you want a pen-and-paper version, I found one from the Facebook page for Jedi Alliance, a vodcast all about Star Wars. Here’s how you find out your Jedi name: Combine the first three letters of your first name and the last two letters of your last name to get your Jedi first name. For your Jedi last name, combine the first two letters of your middle name and the first three letters of the city where you were born. Place apostrophes or dashes wherever it makes sense in the name. Give your teens name tags to write their Jedi name have them answer to only that name for the program. It’s quite funny!


I had a TAG member who is very into Star Wars create a Jeopardy-style game for the program. Suggested categories include Technology, Places, and Characters. With two of my three attendees knowing nothing about Star Wars, my trivia became more of a Star Wars mini-education.


Use the Force

Before the program, I made a few lightsabers out of pool noodles from the dollar store and duct tape for the handles.
You can choose to do this during your program, but I have learned from previous programs that I never get any teens interested in crafts. Using their lightsabers, they had to keep a balloon in the air as long as they could. Play some themed music and get ready to laugh.


Death Star Hot Potato

The intention of this game was to play hot potato with a ball that looked like the Death Star. You can find a Death Star beach ball on Amazon, but it was unfortunately out of stock at the time. Luckily, Star Wars merchandise was everywhere in December, so we were able to find a Star Wars-themed ball. The game as it was planned was to play hot potato with the ball to the cantina music until only one person was left. With only three people, that would have made for a very short game, so my attendees decided to turn the game into a combination of dodgeball and baseball using their lightsabers. They played this until the end of the program.


I don’t usually have themed snacks because my teens are happy with whatever chips, candy, and soda I put out, but honestly, I can’t resist a good pun. While looking at Pinterest for ideas for the program, I found a ton of recipes with printable labels. We had Yoda Soda, Obi-Wan Kabobies (fruit kabobs), Wookie Cookies (Star Crunch cookies, with or without the Chewbacca face in icing), Vader Tater Chips, and Luke Skywater.

Our anime mini-con is happening soon, so to celebrate, our next Random Fandom is on Attack on Titan! If you have any questions about Star Wars Random Fandom, or any other fandom program, email me at!

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Heather is a Youth Services Librarian for the Flower Mound Public Library in Flower Mound, TX. When she's not arguing over which Doctor is the best (it's totally the 10th), she's frantically binge watching Netflix to keep up with the monthly fandom program she runs for teens or scoping out the new teen fiction that she's ordered for the collection. She loves tabletop games and is always looking for any excuse to play, so much so that Once Upon a Time and Gloom are regular staples of her teen writing program. It's her mission to create as many Whovians and Whedonites as she can (and to find that perfect book for each teen who comes looking).

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