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Published on January 18th, 2016 | by Sara Sellers

Manga Review: W Juliet

Manga Review: W Juliet Sara Sellers
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W Juliet
Author: Emura
Publisher: VIZ Media LLC

If you enjoy a good gender bending manga, then W Juliet by Emura is a series for your enjoyment. Using the ever popular high school club setting, in this case the drama club, the story revolves around the relationship between sixteen year old tomboy Ito Miura and ladylike Makoto Amano. Ito is often mistaken as a boy so when Makoto joins the drama club Ito finds herself drawn to her ladylike behavior and appearance which is so different from Ito’s own. Ito and Makoto learn that they both have the same passion for acting and become friends very quickly. The crux of the series occurs when preparing for a production Ito discovers that Makoto has been hiding a tiny bit of information from her, Makoto is actually a boy. Makoto, being the only son of a dojo family, was expected to follow in his father’s footsteps as the master of his family’s dojo but all Makoto wants to do is act. He strikes a deal with his father that if he can go through high school as a woman and not get caught, he can do as he pleases. Makoto explains the situation to Ito who then agrees to keep his secret and help him accomplish his dreams.W-Juliet-Vol-14

This is by far one of the sweetest manga I have ever picked up and enjoyed from start to finish. My favorite thing about this manga would have to be the character interactions. The developing feeling between Ito and Makoto, the family dynamics for both characters, and the other romantic hopefuls all come together to create a heartwarming and easy to fall into atmosphere. Performers and theater students alike will enjoy relating to same or similar hijinks that the characters go through during performances and practices to reach their dreams. If you are looking for something with earth shattering plot development and art work that blows you out of the water this is not going to be the series you. The plot is standard for shojo and the art work is slightly inconsistent but despite that I would still recommend it to a romance fan and standing at 14 volumes long this is a truly enjoyable and relaxing read.

I would suggest this for the 10 and up range of readers.


About the Author

Sara Sellers is an Adult Services Librarian in the DeKalb County Public Library System. Her love affair with geek materials started with Yuu Watase’s Fushigi Yugi and exploded into a lifelong hobby which just so happened to lead into a career with libraries. When she is not helping patrons find reading materials and teaching patron classes she is obsessively reading Manga, binge watching Anime, harassing her various pets a.k.a. fur babies, and being an active spear woman in Dagorhir a LARP (Live Action Role Play) that features full contact foam fighting. While not super active in the geek community, she hopes to remedy that starting with CCGC in Libraries and working on geek programs for adults in her system.

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