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Published on January 11th, 2016 | by Kacy Helwick

Looking Back: Favorite Geeky Programming of 2015

The new year is upon us, but before we put 2015 out of our minds completely, some of our authors took time to reflect on their favorite programming, comics, books, and other pop culture phenomenons of the past year.

Favorite Library Programs and Library Related Stuff

“Best Geeky Program in my library: Supernatural party, with crafts and a viewing of the pilot episode of Supernatural. It was a surprise success–no one signed up, but ten teens showed up on the day of, and we had a great time! The ten teens included a few who were formerly members of my core group but had moved on, and several first-timers. The best part of it is that they’ve all come to every program ever since!” — Elizabeth Norton

“Since I’m currently a MLIS student, I don’t have a library to call home just yet. However, I did have the terrific opportunity to work at Booklist magazine this fall. One of the best parts of the internship was looking at all the books. It doesn’t seem exciting, but I love observing all the trends in nerdy literature. From all the Minecraft books for middle graders, to the Outlander-inspired YA, it was a rare chance to observe trends in literature on a massive scale. The majority of the books I saw were expected to be published in 2016, and let me tell you we’re in for some good reads next year.” — Amy Dittmeier

“I had more than a few Lego Mindstorms programs this year, which were well-attended, and the programming challenges that came with them really engaged the attendees. There’s something satisfying about building a robot army and then programming it to do interesting things. I also found out that kids really love the idea of Squishy Circuits, and will do their very best to load up as many LEDs as they can into a ball of dough. It’s fantastic to watch, even if the LEDs themselves are a bit fragile in the probes. And my library system held a con in August! That was pretty cool all by itself, even though I couldn’t participate in any of the actual programming, and it inspired me to put on a set of fannish programming for next year. I was pleasantly surprised when my article on building a LibraryBox made it to AL Direct in April and boosted the view count on the article mightily.” — Alex Byrne

“My favorite library thing this year was our annual mini anime con called ToshoCon (it’s Japanese for “library”!). The teen librarian at a neighboring library and I team up every summer to put on this program for teens after hours and it’s always a hit. This year we had a record-breaking 80 teens attend (which is HUGE for our little libraries)! We had an artist alley, anime trivia, candy sushi, anime screenings, video gaming, and panels run by the teens themselves. It was a huge amount of work, but very much worth it.” — Kimberly Alberts

“My library had its first (and hopefully will be annual) Geek Fest last May. Local fangroups including Starship USS New Orleans (our local chapter of Starfleet), Steampunk NOLA, and the Krewe du Who all came out for the fest. The Krewe du Who even brought their TARDIS for photo ops. I’m also really proud that this year I become a content editor over on No Flying, No Tights.” — Kacy Helwick

“A favorite programming moment of mine from 2015 would have to be a cosplay tutorial that a coworker put together. It was the first of its kind for our library and hopefully it will be continued as a regular offering for patrons due to the fact that not only Dragon-Con but many other conventions occur right in our back yard.” — Sara Sellers

Favorite Books and Pop Culture

“Favorite Comics:
Unbeatable Squirrel Girl by Ryan North and Erica Henderson
Death of Captain America Complete Collection by Ed Brubaker and various artists
Velvet by Ed Brubaker and Steve Epting
Lumberjanes by Grace Ellis and Brooke Allen
Rebels: A Well-Regulated Militia by Brian Wood and Andrea Mutti
Favorite Geeky TV Show: Marvel’s Agent Carter” — Elizabeth Norton

“I “read” the Red Queen audiobook this summer and became hooked. I can’t wait for the second book next year! For comics, I’ve really enjoyed following Rat Queens, Sex Criminals, Saga, and Moon Knight this year. All of those series have been consistently getting better and better. Brian K. Vaughn’s Paper Girls, Warren Ellis’ James Bond, and Stjepan Sejic’s Switch were some great new additions to my pull list for 2015.” — Amy Dittmeier

“RWBY returns! Just in time for the end of the year. Which is sad, because Monty’s not there to see it through, but happy that the story can continue. Inside Out hit me pretty hard in the feels this year. At the same time, it’s such a good movie that I almost can’t hold that against it. Minions! Minions, Minions everywhere, hehehe-hehe-banana.” — Alex Byrne

“My favorite reads of 2015 are probably The Marvels by Brian Selznick, Ms. Marvel, the Tokyo Ghoul manga series, and while I’m not quite finished yet, I’m loving Lair of Dreams (the sequel to The Diviners) by Libba Bray.” — Kimberly Alberts

Nimona and discovering Noelle Stevenson as a creator will probably be the major things that make 2015 stand out in my memory. I also really enjoyed Unbeatable Squirrel Girl, Ms. Marvel, and Carry On by Rainbow Rowell. And of course Star Wars: the Force Awakens has just made me such a happy fangirl!” — Kacy Helwick

“2015 has been an interesting year for me, I can’t say that I would want to repeat it but I did discover that Yuu Watase is in the process of writing the story for the fourth and final priestess in Fushigi Yugi, I hooked more friends on anime, and found interesting new manga to fill my days. I didn’t read as much “big girl” reading as I should have so I have a long list of must reads entering into 2016.” — Sara Sellers

About the Author

Kacy Helwick recently earned her MLIS from LSU and works as the youth collection development librarian at New Orleans Public Library. She has spent time as a band geek and a theatre geek, but now mostly geeks the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Sam and Dean Winchester, all things Doctor Who, Teen Wolf, One Direction, and her forever fandom: Harry Potter.

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