Published on July 15th, 2015 | by Shannin Bailey

How did I miss this?! Rhett and Link

The world is full of amazing things to fall madly in love with, and as both geeks and librarians? We feel like we’re pretty well versed in pop culture. That’s why when we stumble upon something brand new to us—something awesome—there’s a tiny bit of bitterness at the center of our geeky, geeky love. Why didn’t I know about this?! Where have I been?!

Then again, maybe we shouldn’t be so hard on ourselves. I mean, we have responsibilities. We have to sit through terribly long programming meetings! We get to have the soul-crushing realization that even though everyone’s been talking for forty-five minutes, no one has a single idea. Well, that’s not exactly true. Having the start of an idea is the worst, but knowing that it won’t be well received. Something like this: “What if we…you know…tried some programming that wasn’t necessarily about crafting?”

Rhett and Link Infographic_med

The response isn’t great, but it’s about what you were expecting—an even split between befuddled expressions and pointed glares. That’s when you look around the room, at the scissors, hot glue guns, all the glitter…and you realize just how quickly innocent craft supplies can be turned into weapons.

When you have a day that includes a horrible meeting, you deserve to relax for a few hours after work. The universe is practically demands that you fall down the YouTube rabbit hole, surfing through videos that make you laugh. That’s how you find yourself watching two guys from North Carolina eating Sriracha mixed with Elmer’s Glue, and you wonder…where has this been all my life?! Rhett and Link, I think I love you.

That YouTube rabbit hole is no joke—one video leads to two, which leads to ten or fifteen, because…wow, Rhett and Link have a lot of videos. Wait a minute, how many videos have these guys made? Hold on, they have multiple channels? And they make a show called Good Mythical Morning every weekday? Seriously?! How did I miss this?!

            You’ve had this feeling before. It starts with you fangirling and ends with you buying coffee mugs and hoodies. But the more you fall in love with Rhett and Link, it comes with the familiar twinge of bitterness. Why didn’t I know about this?! After all, you’re up on all the “internetainers.” You felt like you had a good understanding of famous YouTubers—everyone from Grace Helbig to PewDiePie. So how is it that something as awesome Rhett and Link slipped under your radar? I mean, they have over three million subscribers and not one of them thought to mention how much fun they are!?

The more videos you watch, though, your bitterness is replaced by something else—inspiration. Because what you’re watching isn’t just crazy and fun—it’s the kind of thing you were struggling to explain in the horrible meeting. By following Rhett and Link’s lead, you can create unique—and fairly inexpensive—programming. And why not start with shadow puppets?

You can make a game similar to Rhett and Link’s “Shadow Puppet Challenge,” and aim it at teens, tweens, or even families. If you download a quick shadow puppet app onto your phone or tablet, and get a few inexpensive prizes, what else do you need? A projector? Electricity?


If shadow puppets aren’t your thing, another game that could be crazy fun would be your own version of “Is that a Human or an Animal Sound?”



This game comes with a ton of possibilities to highlight your resources. Finding animal sounds and creating fake ones would be a fantastic activity for any Teen Advisory Board, but it’s also a great opportunity to highlight subscription databases. After using them to find animal sounds—and realizing they exist—your TAB members might be more likely to use them when they’re struggling with homework. During the program, you can even create “ads” for your databases between rounds (which will give you the perfect opportunity to break out your fake game show host voice.)

Last but not least, what could be more fun than having “Will it?” night? Rhett and Link have tons of “Will it?” videos to choose from, everything from tacos to cereal. When it works out and you create a killer new recipe, it’s brilliant…but it might be more fun when you fail.


See?! What could be easier than buying some junk food and getting creative (and a little gross?) Who in their right mind wouldn’t love that?!

The world is full of things to fall madly in love with, and you’ve just found another one. Now you’re going to do what geeky librarians do best—you pay it forward. You tell your colleagues and customers about Rhett and Link, and encourage them to subscribe to all of their channels, for no other reason than they’ll never fail to make you laugh. And as far as your next programming meeting goes? You’ve got a feeling it’ll be different. After all, you’ve just found a source of endless inspiration (with awesome hair.) So…“let’s talk about that.”


About the Author

Shannin Bailey is a Reference Librarian in central Ohio. She considers herself a “geek’s geek,” and when she’s not explaining River Song’s timeline or why the Winter Soldier isn’t a villain, she’s a passionate advocate for promoting geek culture in public libraries through both programming and reader’s advisory. She’s presented professionally on Making Movies in Libraries, Using Facebook with Teen Advisory Groups, and Fandoms. She has a BA in English from The Ohio State University, and an MLIS from Kent State University. You can find her on Twitter (@shanninb), Tumblr and Instagram (@shanninb)

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