Published on February 23rd, 2015 | by Cynthia Mitchem

Host a (Geeky) Chocolate Memory Game at Your Library

I originally made this game for my monthly Teen Manga & Anime Club’s February meeting—that is, Valentines’ Chocolate Day—but it’s just a fun game to play in general. When I scoured the internet, I came across the idea for a chocolate memory game. This version, however, is slightly more complex, and uses characters from anime, games, and shows.

I’ve found it to be a good ice-breaker: it gets teens talking about their favorite shows and characters, and the prospect of winning chocolate with some friendly competition will generally make anyone loosen up.

Feel free to edit the sheets to match your own community. I used the most widely-known shows and games I could think of, but I’ve also adapted it to what the teens in my library have been talking about, what’s currently popular, and sometimes add characters from anime we watched in previous meetings.

Note: The printable sheets (linked below) were designed specifically to fit Dove chocolates, so they probably won’t work on other types of chocolates/candies.


The (Geeky) Chocolate Memory Game



Prep work:

  1. Print out Memory game sheet 1 and Memory game sheet 2 (and the Cheat Sheet, if needed)
    1. Optional : Laminate the game sheets if you want to re-use them—mine are usually reusable even without lamination, though
  2. Cut out the pieces on the black lines—it’ll take a while, but I did it whenever there was a quiet moment on desk. Or get teen volunteers to do it!
  3. Tape the cut-out images onto the flat side of the chocolates, picture face-outwards



Place the chocolates flat-side down onto a table, and mix up the pieces as much as possible. You can split the pieces in half so you can run 2 games at once or 2 games in a row, but remember to keep the pairs together.

  • Going in a circle, taking turns
  • Flip 2 pieces so that everyone can see
  • Not a match: Flip the pieces back over, being careful not to move their positions on the table
  • It’s a match!: Anyone playing can name what game/movie/show the character(s) are from
    (ex: for Howl and Sophie, you say “Howl’s Moving Castle!” This tends to be much simpler than guessing the names of the characters, but you could always try it)
  • Whoever found the matching pair always gets 1 of the 2 chocolates
    Whoever guesses the correct game/movie/show fastest gets the other chocolate
    If the match-maker ALSO guesses fastest, they get BOTH chocolates
    If no one guesses or guesses right, the match-maker gets both chocolates
    This way, everyone can win—people with good memory, and people with cultural knowledge
  • Optional: Ask the players to give the used stickers back to you so you can use them again
    (I keep a sheet of wax paper and stick the stickers onto that in pairs)


And that’s it! Simple, fun, and you can always add new stickers to keep it fresh.

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Cynthia Mitchem is a Teen Librarian at a Massachusetts public library--she's also a total geek. It is proof that libraries are the coolest places in the world that she is allowed to--even paid to--run geeky programs every month for teens. She can be contacted at cmitchem @ , or you can visit her library's website at .

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