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Christie Gibrich Christie Gibrich found that aerospace engineering was not the right career path for her, and has been happily working with teens and tweens around the DFW Metroplex since moving there in 2001. She’s been on several committees, written numerous articles, and has spoken at state and national conferences on both QUILTBAG and comic/geek topics. Her pathway to geekdom and fangirl was basically predetermined having grown up surrounded by computers and sci-fi, and she now happily enjoys the worlds of comics, SuperWhoLock, Disnerds, midnight releases, and passionate debates over originals vs reboots. She’s an agent on Teen Services Underground, the co-founder of Genre[Queer]y, and blogs at A Geek in Librarian’s Clothing. She tweets at @mz_christie and dabbles on Instagram and Tumblr.

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Cosplay in the Workplace

September 7th, 2015 | by Christie Gibrich

We all enjoy sharing our fandom loves in many subtle ways at work: coffee cups with the Marauder’s Map and

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