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Published on May 15th, 2015 | by Calliope Woods

10 Subscription Boxes for Librarians

I absolutely love subscription boxes. They’re like Christmas every month, and if you choose a good one, you’ll always be excited to see that box on your doorstep. In this post, I’ll be looking at 10 that would make great gifts for librarians. You wouldn’t happen to know any, would you?


You can never have too many, am I right?


1) Prudence and the Crow

Oh how I do covet this subscription. In each box, you’ll find a vintage paperback book in a genre of your choosing (or you can throw caution to the wind and tell them to send you a random one!), a handmade book bag, a library card, and other surprises.



2) Book Riot Quarterly Box

This is one I’ve seen all over the place recently, and with good reason. Every 3 months, Book Riot sends you books and book-related items. Reviews have shown that it’s even more than that— hand written notes from the authors (I’m assuming high quality copies of these notes, otherwise poor authors) accompany the books!

If Young Adult books are more your thing, there’s a Book Riot YA just for you.



3) Lit-Cube

Lit-Cube is a new subscription box of book geekery that was funded through Kickstarter. It looks to be fun and seems like it will lean towards the YA/fantasy crowd.



4) Uppercase

Uppercase is a YA Book of the Month Club (though it does still include book accessories) that looks very well curated from its past selections page. It seems like it’s similar to Book Riot’s subscription, but with smaller boxes, and once-a-month instead of quarterly.



5) Comicboxer

What do CCGC readers like? Comics, of course! Comicboxer is a monthly comic book mystery box for people looking to discover new comics. Each box contains five to seven new release comic books, variant covers, and #1 issues.



6) Owlcrate

A YA book subscription service with a distinctly Harry Potter feel, Owlcrate is here with a box that provides you with one YA novel and 3-5 “bookish keepsakes,” monthly.



Things Librarians Will Love Besides Books

What? There’s more to librarians than books? No way!


7) Lullubee

Guys. Crafts. Monthly. Lullubee has a Craft of the Month Club and A Needle Felting Club to choose between. It’s so cute I could DIE.



8) Escape Monthly

You’re pretty sure the patron you’re helping hasn’t had a bath in a week, a child pulled the fire alarm, and you have a program to plan with no budget. Being a librarian can be anything but relaxing some days.

You know what does sound relaxing? Vacation. But with shrinking library budgets all across the country, I doubt you’re getting the one that you want. Escape Monthly tries to solve that problem with a monthly vacation-in-a-box sent to your door. I’m sure it’s not quite as good as the real thing, but sometimes we have to take what we can get.



9) The Original Grab Bag

“Calliope,” I hear you say, “all these other things just aren’t for me. I know too much. It’s not Christmas if you already know that much about what you’re getting.”

This is for you, then. You tell them your interests, pick a budget, and they send you presents. If any subscription box is Monthly Christmas, this is it.



10)  Unclutterer

Hey guess what. You just subscribed to a bunch of services that send you things monthly. You’re a librarian! The epitome of organization! (The snickers from the children’s librarians are not appreciated). How are you going to keep all these things organized?!

Unclutterer is a quarterly subscription of organization solutions. Let out a sigh of relief, they’re here to make sure there’s a place for everything and everything in its place.


This post took a lot of research, and not everything that sounded cool could fit. Check out my pinterest boards for other subscription boxes that librarians would love, like coffee and tea, eco-friendly and organic boxes, and art and craft subscriptions.

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Calliope Woods works with teens at an urban Kentucky library by day, and writes by night. An avid fan of podcasts, anime, horror and more, she can be contacted at, or through her many social media accounts including Tumblr, Pinterest, and others.

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